Project Description

Electrical interface

In order to provide efficient energy extraction from mechanical source, dedicated interfaces has been developed by the BESTMEMS consortium.


Synchronous inversion and charge extraction

More precisely, an original strategy developed in the framework of the project consisting in increasing the voltage output of the piezoelectric element before extraction, yielding a much better harvested energy. This concept, called SICE for " Synchronous Inversion and Charge Extraction" is depicted below:


Circuit implementation and operations are shown through the following animation:


Compared to typical interfaces ([1-3]), this permits a significant harvested power boosting effect while ensuring a harvested energy that is independent from the connected electrical device:


Integration and self-powered operations are under investigation.


More information in this paper.


Synchronized Switch Harvesting on Oscillator

Once of the issues in implementing nonlinear circuits lies in the size of the inductance, even if the latter is already reduced compared to linear approaches. One of the achievement done in BESTMEMS was to demonstrate that a secondary piezoelectric element can advantageously replace this inductance, by using the motional motion that can stores mechanical energy.

More information in this paper.



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