BESTMEMS Broadband Energy Scavenging Technologies for Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems

Welcome to the BESTMEMS Project website.

BESTMEMS (Broadband Energy Scavenging Technologies for Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) aims at developing a global approach for the design of self-powered systems supplied by ambient vibrations, including material, mechanical, electrical and energy management aspects for the conception of energetically autonomous sensors. With this aim, two specific target applications will be envisaged through the collaboration with industrial partners, consisting in a self-powered Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and a structural health monitoring system for smart bearings.

BESTMEMS is a international collaborative research project, funded by the French research agency (ANR), under contract number ANR-15-CE22-0015-01, and by the Taiwanese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).


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