LTDS brings an integrated answer to complex fundamental and industrial problems in a high-level multidisciplinary scientific environment. By combining research, training, research result exploitations and innovation the laboratory has made significant breakthroughs in areas such as physical chemistry of anti-wear films, superlubricity in dry contacts and boundary lubrication, damage control under fretting load, nano-structure mechanics for electronic devices, aircraft engine dynamics, surface transformations under extreme conditions and during the fabrication process.

The laboratory analyses the behaviour of structures, materials, contacts and processes by using multiscale experiments, multiphysic models and numerical simulations to optimize their performance and predict their lifetime. Since 15 years, LTDS is investigating dynamical and broadband behaviour of complex structures including smarts structures, for example, control strategies for mid-frequency behaviours.

LTDS will be in charge of the nonlinear mechanical and electromechanical modelling and characterization.

Micro active suspension system developed in LTDS